Nata Khokhonova

The idea to combine art and polished stones largely owes its existence to the traditions of the Soviet period, when almost every house in the Urals would feature a mandatory bookshelf set - a volume of writer Pavel Bazhov and a polished piece of ornamental stone. Gloomy charm of the Ural classic's works applied to all, and perhaps somehow influenced the formation of what is traditionally called "Ural character." By combining painting on canvas and stone, we change the time scale of the perception of what is happening. It suffiсes it to recall that the stones present in the texts of Pavel Bazhov almost as the characters, were created during hundreds of millions of years of nature, they are the imprints of the giant tectonic processes occurring in the world, the result of a random interaction of natural forces.

And then, looking at the stones, in the first place, rather than thinking about the hardships of forced labor stonecutters from our distant past, you start to think of the spontaneous nature of the work, the possibility of playing with the nature, the possibility of blending the paint, to continue its "artistry" started millions of years ago. This approach does not make details of everyone's life less important, but allows us to consider them against the background of eternity.

Lapideus (Lat.) – stone

Lapidus not resemble plants, animals or humans, but at the same time once all resemble. It is some substance, for which it is important not to their species (they form a separate class Lapideus), and what happens to them. In all of them the seal of eternity - a piece of stone, peacefully coexist with colorful layers.

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An object
Jasper, acrylic on paper

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Works 2007 - 2011
Soft Сold

100х125 cm
Acrylic, canvas, oil, agate

Lapis Lazuli
Landscape 2007

80х60 сm
Acrylic, canvas, oil, lapis lazuli

Yellow Semicircle at Dawn 2007

70х80 cm
Acrylic, canvas, oil, agate

On Thaiti Island

90х110 cm
Acrylic, canvas, oil, agate

View from Above

60х67 cm
Acrylic, canvas, oil, agate

Pavel Petrovich, Hello

95х175 cm
Canvas, textiles, acrylic, collage, rhodonite

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