Nata Khokhonova

Radix - root (Latin)
The term "root" can have many interpretations -"Appeal to the roots" - to look within both through time and space, the ability to see the core of things stripped from the irrelevant. The transformation of tree roots into creatures - Radixes - with the aid of paint, besides being a search for common meanings, also has a practical connotation: if the roots are bared, it means the trees, to which they belonged, no longer exist. By turning the roots of dead trees into objects of art, we give them a new life, but it can also be viewed as a warning of ecological catastrophe.

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A narrow corridor between yesterday and tomorrow - it is today. We are here. TOMORROW inevitably becomes, first, today, and then - yesterday. TOMORROW is repeatedly reflected in each YESTERDAY, a reflection of YESTERDAY is present in every TOMORROW. The process is continuous and endless. It can be seen.

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Silver Hoof
One of the characters of the Ural tales is Silver Hoof. He has more horns than usual - an implementation of the method of "prehistoric animation" whereby various stages of movement are depicted in a single drawing.
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56х116 (technoplex, acrylic, textile, photo)

From the personal experience of doing visual arts stemmed the perception of the invincible longing of many viewers for something soft, recognizable and predictable, rhythmic - the idea of the "fur" ornament from kitties is
all about it.

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