Nata Khokhonova

59 х 42, paper, acrylic

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The result of a serious study of experts, based on literature research, a deep survey, analysis of references to texts from various epochs, a list of 100 literary works has been published in the "Russian Reporter" journal - the books that must be read to understand oneself and others, the books, by which the Russians distinguish "us" from "them". This is not a "recommended reading" list of books, this is list of books that the Russians have already read and remember. a kind of modern Russian cultural code.

The project presents the portraits of writers - authors of books from this list. At the presentation, the exhibition space of the project was organized using tags on the walls, generally expressing the essence of the mentioned works.

The project was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Culture.

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Amos Tutuola
Fairy tail "Journey to the City of the Dead"
sheet 1
50х35, paper, acrylic

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